Sunday, September 23, 2007

A weekend of racing, college parties and more racing

Saturday was the Henleyville Road Race. Combined Pro/1/2/3. Flat 72 miles. Finished in the field...maybe somewhere in the mid-20's overall? (UPDATE: Results posted...17th) Two of our Elite Category 2's were there, JD and Kevin, and they both got into a chase group. JD got 6th and the Kevin was not far behind him.

RACING TIP: Try to find a college house party to crash the night before your next race...It works. Today, Ben and I were both powered by Coors Light, Jager and Rumplemintz. We were out very late and it was a rough start this morning. I say that's a racing tip because I raced some of my best races ever today. I've had better results, but today I raced very aggressive and felt extremely strong.

Today's race highlights - Downtown Chico Criterium:
Elite Category 3
- Got in a 2-man break. Caught.
- Went out for about 4 solo laps. Won cash prime. Caught.
- 8th in the sprint finish.

Masters 35+ 3/4 (ha...35+??)
- 2-man break. Split prime with him. Caught.
- 12th out of the 3's.
- Ben got in the winning break and got 3rd place for the 4's.

This is just a quick recap with my highlights, but my teammates all raced great races. We all raced very aggressive and pulled in many top 10's across all categories for the weekend. It was a great way to tie up the season. I'm going to slow down on the training for a while now and focus on living off of the bike, of course, with a few occasional rides here and there. Should be fun.

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