Monday, September 10, 2007


After work tonight, I rode with my buddy Anthony and on the way back the sun was setting over the headlands. The site was amazing. Before this picture was taken, the sun was blocked by the headlands and there was just a glow that outlined the hills. By the time we got the phone out to goof around with some pictures the sun was in the direct line of sight, but the pictures still turned out pretty cool.


Anthony Coando said...

If you look close enough you will find a UFO hovering in the background. The winds were unusually calm for an evening in San Francisco and I think it had to do with the spaceship above the water - what do you think?

ADIG said...

There was being less wind and lightning when the Jangelo did begin to pedal this evening, but that was totally being the Jangelo's fault. The Jangelo must be careful when pedaling, for when the Jangelo's massive thighs begin to spin so close together, they are creating a low pressure system centered on the Jangelo's "special place" that is often causing massive weather anomalies and atmospheric disturbances...even UFO's to appear over water. It can be embarassing. There have been many cases where the Jangelo is being totally breaking it down on the dance floor, and then busts out with the Jangelo's favorite move, the Roger Rabbit, and then whole villages are blown away into ash and smoke, and for nights afterward there are being many sightings of strange lights in the sky.

(borrowed and manipulated from www.myspace.com/kaiserjan

Anthony Coando said...

So... yeah... I think the speed at which we were traveling caused a massive shock wave to follow which disrupted the air system below the bridge and we all know how winds cause the rise of waves on the ocean surface and upwelling. The huge speeds caused such a massive upset on the bridge as several tourists were lifted from the path and tossed over the side of the bridge - TO BE CONTINUED