Friday, September 14, 2007

Almost "GO TIME"

Tomorrow morning is big...time to see what 5 months of hill training can do to a sprinter from the flatland of Chicago. First 4 miles are small rollers (flat), then it gets "fun".Eric (Team Get a Grip Cycles) is flying out tonight for this. My homeboys, Phil (Cal-Giant) and Anthony (Altezza 40) are possible racers and one of my new Kovarus / Squadra Ovest teammates, Mark, is racing the 35+. Should be a great race, with a great ride tacked onto the tail end (up to Point Reyes...maybe Tomales Bay and back).


JT said...

So, how did it go? You should get someone out there to repaint your s-6 to match your new team unis. They look great.

ADIG said...

Hey JT - It went ok, I'm still not quite "there" yet... I'll post about it soon.

Thanks for the props on the new Squadra Ovest costume. Would be nice to match it up to a blue Cannondale...hmm...