Friday, August 13, 2010

New Project: Building a Niner Air 9

I've started a new blog. "My Niner".

Basically, I've recently refound my love for mountain biking while on a work trip to The Downieville Classic and decided that I need my own mountain bike again.

After lots of research, I've decided on a Niner Air 9. Riding in the Bay Area is perfect terrain for a 29er. 29ers take the wheel diameter up to 29" from the standard 26" mountain bike wheel. This creates a larger contact patch and a larger wheel rolls over obstacles easier than a 26".

The Niner Air 9 is made from Scandium to keep the weight down while maintaining durability and stiffness.

Enough typing here...now go check out the new blog: www.myniner.wordpress.com

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm still around...

Just not blogging much on this blog.

I still do plan to do a bit of blogging here, so don't give up on me here.

I've been blogging on the Ritchey Blog lately. Click Ritchey Blog

Merco Grand Prix Criterium is this weekend...I'm registered for it and a maybe for the Road Race on Sunday.

That's my update for the day!