Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Homie

Little guy having a grass dinner.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Baker Beach Won the Debate

Catching up

What have I been up to lately? Not really updating this blog a whole lot, so here's a recap in photo's...

Lake Tahoe:
Jen and I took a trip up to Lake Tahoe for a night just before Christmas. We stayed at the Black Bear Inn for a night and then set off to go cross-country skiing. We first went to Camp Richardson, but they were only renting snowshoes because there was not enough snow for the ski's. We jumped back in the truck and headed up to Kirkland (higher elevation = more snow). The drive up was worth every second and we loved cross-country skiing.

Short Urban Hike:
Read about this one in The Weekend Sherpa. You start at Buena Vista Park...go up and over and then a short walk down the street to Corona Heights. This is a pic from the top of Corona Heights. It's amazing up there and a short uphill hike. I highly recommend it.

Day Road Trip:
We took a day trip drive up to a small town called Occidental. It's just a bit north of Sonoma...still wine country...very thick forest. We saw a bunch of Mt. Bikers riding in and out of town. I bet the riding is amazing there. We drove from Occidental to the coast. This drive was beautiful. Once you get up to the high elevation you will find a bunch of cows just roaming around...no wonder California cows are "happy" cows. I also later realized that the road we took is the road that the Tour of California took as they rode from Sausalito to Santa Rosa.

No Fence, just one very large bull staring me down...he didn't look too happy, so we jumped back in the car and drove on.

Lots of it.

Right now...deciding if we should go to the beach or a park...mid-60's and sunny!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Muscle-Relax Gel

Much needed after this weekend's rides!!