Friday, December 19, 2008

Scarface Update

Remember this post: Another Crash

Well, all the road rash is cleared up...still evident, but all good. My chin is going to take a while still. The doc said it will be there for about 6-months, before it is just a small scar... I decided to post an update...along with some of the surgeon's photos (not for the weak stomached).

Photos from day of crash (These are the close-ups the surgeon took...I warned you) Close-up Shots

And here's a recent photo (with my girlfriend, Jen):

Speaking of Jen...we baked a ton for her clients...and we have lots of leftover fudge!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Road to Recovery

This morning, as I was breezing through my Google Reader I ran across some excellent news.

First, the background (this is def not the good news):
My old teammate Steve was hit by a cab on November 20th while out on his bike. He suffered a really bad hit to the head and had to undergo brain surgery that following day. I don't have many more details of the accident, but Steve has been in a heavily sedated state (induced coma) until just recently. Here's a post on ChicagoBikeRacing.com for a bit more info: Steven Vandeven Seriously Injured

OK....so here's the good news - Steve is up and in good spirits. I was so happy to see this picture of Steve laughing and playing a board game (I just stole it from Seth - Thanks Seth).

Seth paid Steve a visit and here's his post: Steve's Getting Better

Steve is an extremely strong guy and I'm sure he'll be back out in the P/1/2 field this summer killing everyone the way he always does. (He enjoys inflicting pain on the field)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and Painful Rides

Jen and I took a small road trip to see her family for Thanksgiving and then another short trip out to see some of my family on Friday up in Nevada City (I showed her part of the course that kills me every year). It was a great Thanksgiving and I was happy to see my Grandma while she was out to visit my Aunt and Uncle. We got back to the city on Friday night...Jen had to work on Saturday and I had some rides in store for Sat/Sun.

Saturday's ride crushed me. My teammate, Jan, picked me up in the morning and we drove down to the Peninsula for a change of pace. Jan had the route set up...all I knew is that we wanted to roll for 4.5 - 5 hours of ride time. I got worried when he asked if I was ready to climb and then he threw out 10,000 feet in around 60 miles.

The direction we went made it even harder...he saved the toughest climb for last. 50 miles into this ride (already climbing more than a sprinter ever wants to climb) we hit the Tunitas climb. This climb goes from decent to HARD to decent. There are plenty of reasons why I hated this climb.
  1. The middle (HARD) part was steep.
  2. The middle part also had a horrible road surface.
  3. The top (back to decent) section started off on a newly paved surface that was sticky and soft (which added a nice amount of resistance right when I needed it!)
  4. The rest of the top section had a big headwind
  5. I was beginning to cramp.
From there, it was a nice long downhill back to the car. I vegged the rest of the day.

Sunday was an easier day...we did about 50 miles, fairly flat and at an easy pace.

Monday was a rest day that I've never appreciated as much before. My legs were so tender and sore it was sick.