Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend back home

(Photo above by Ludger Roedder, an old powerhouse of a teammate)

I want to thank my family, friends and teammates for a great weekend back home in Chicago.

I was able to hit up a happy hour with some old co-workers, dinner with friends...continued to drinks afterwards, race Saturday and Sunday with my teammates and see a bunch of my family at a cousin's annual BBQ.

The racing was amazing. I've said it often, but my team back in Chicago is super strong lately and it was fun to be a part of the action. A full race report is available on the Team Get A Grip Cycling Blog. I have a lot of friends that race and was thrilled to race against them once again. I even ran into a couple friends that were there to watch...one that I haven't seen in years.

Race Report Teasers/Top Finishers:
-- Devon took 2nd in the Women's 1/2/3, both Saturday and Sunday.
-- Emily won her first race ever entered on Saturday
-- Steve took 3rd, Eric 5th and Seth 11th on Saturday in a breakaway of 12...Uwe was there, but unfortunately tipped over.
-- I nearly took the sprint finish on Sunday, but WDT's strongman, Mark Serafin, came around me for the win just feet from the line...I want my win back, August? James "Cipo" Holton pulled in "just" behind me in 7th. (James and I have a Winfield rivalry...I'm winning)

Anyone catch the Winfield Crit on Cycling.tv?


Anonymous said...

Hey amazing picture looking back at San Fran.
Looks like great riding! Sorry I did't get a chance to catch up with you all at Winfield

Ken M.

ADIG said...

Thanks Ken...I didn't see you at Winfield...didn't know you were in town - email me.