Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bike, Hike, Beer, Bed...

Today's Nature Report:
Great ride this morning with a few of the Squadra Ovest guys (Tam-->Stinson Beach-->Bolinas-->7-sisters-->Tam-->Home)
-- Saw the usual birds
Hiked a crapload on Mt. Tam with one of my roommates and her friends
-- No wildlife sightings
Got in the car to get home from the hike
-- This family of deer was right on the side of the road out! (papa deer is off camera)

Here are a few other pictures from the hike:

Jessie taking a break in the cold spring water

Trail on the way down - her name is Ribbit

Potrero Meadow

Random Shot

On the way home from the hike we stopped at the Fairfax Festival (aka: Eco Fest) and then Cafe Trieste in Suasalito for some food and a few beers.

Lastly - My Cannondale System Six absolutely BOMBS decents...I can fly into a downhill switchback so hot that it scares the crap out of me, but the bike tracks the turn flawlessly. I love it.

Today got an A+


Lee said...

Those trails look like they might best be enjoyed on a mountain bike! I get more and more jealous with each set of pics...

ADIG said...

There were a bunch of Mt. Bikers out there. Bring both bikes out...we'll ride and then you'll relocate the family!

Lee said...

Don't tempt me! Were it not for the fact that houses in Cali big enough to accomodate my lot cost millions I'd be over there like a shot.

Adam said...

Hit the Tourist club next time. Good times on Tam but they don;t have food.

ADIG said...

Adam - Tourist club?