Saturday, May 26, 2007


This morning I headed out for what I expected to be a 60-70 mile-ride and ended up a full 103 miles with over 9,000 feet of climbing...amazingly I made it. The weather changed from about 50 to 70 to 50 to 70, foggy, sunny, foggy, sunny over and over and over. Zip up the vest, loose the vest/arm warmers/wool gloves, put back on the vest/arm warmers/wool gloves - repeat many times. The ride truly was "Epic" (hate to say that) and it was tough.

The northern-most point, Tomales Bay, is shark infested, an oyster haven and the San Andreas fault separates Point Reyes Peninsula from Marin County...Point Reyes moves 3-4 centimeters to the north every year because of this.

The ride back south along the coast was amazing...words can't describe it, you'll have to ride it!


AGuy said...

A, great job. You're the man!

ADIG said...

Thanks "aguy". Though, I'm not the man because I was dropped like a flatlander on many of the climbs!...just posting the ride because the riding here is amazing and nothing I'm used to.