Sunday, June 24, 2007

Race Recap

Burlingame Criterium (South Bay)

Today's crit really seemed slow and easier than most others I've been in out here, but it was a tight course and crash-tastic. At one point, I almost had a guy sliding sideways plow into me...I narrowly avoided that one and then with 2 to go (and feeling amazingly fresh), I moved up into my ideal position for a sprint finish. During the final lap, one guy took the turn ahead of me WAY too hot and went all the way out to crash another guy into the steel fence and cracked his Trek Madone (saw him afterwards). He also took out my buddy Ken in the process. At that moment I had two choices: 1) Barrel into these guys and probably break my fork and go end over end or 2) Hit the brakes hard, wait for a safe spot to move around them while I watch my prime position fade away. I chose the latter and rolled in for 49th...sucked... The finish was my kind of crit finish...two easy turns (more like curves) and then just one long straightaway. I really thought I would give us a good west coast result.


One of my Get A Grip Teammates, Eric, is coming out this week to ride and he wants to climb as much as possible...should be a tough Tuesday/Wednesday for us. Can't wait.


JT said...

meatball in san fran...right where he belongs. We are going to plug him for data on your female peeps...

ADIG said...

We covered the entire city...they saw lots of "my" female peeps - great stuff.

Alexander Sharon said...

DUDE! Last.fm is frickin awesome. I finally had some time to check it out, and am in love. thanks for telling me about it. Holla!!