Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big hill in my way

So I moved out my full home theater system from Chicago...tv, dvd, dvr, xbox (thanks Chad), surround sound...the whole "sha-bang". I didn't want to dish it off and also didn't want to toss it in storage, so it's in my bedroom (living room already has a TV and whatnot.) Therefore, my bedroom is like a glorified college guys room except I have all new furniture and I'm missing the black light and beer/girl posters...I even have bikes stacked next to my bed...In college, I called that area my "garage".

But I digress...

We do not have cable here in the apartment and don't plan on it. I've been taking advantage of the free, advertiser supported, LOST and 24 episodes for my TV entertainment. NBC is behind the times and I still need to download The Office from iTunes and pay $1.99 per episode (get with the times NBC...ad supported content is pretty hot right now).

I want to watch these on the big screen with the full surround sound, rather than the 14" laptop with headphones, so I went to BestBuy.com and ordered a nice HD antenna...it sucked. I traded it in for a new antenna...better. I think I found the problem: I live on the Northeast side of Nob Hill. The ABC and FOX signals have to travel thru Nob Hill (the actual hill) and/or over Nob Hill to get to me.

It's been driving me nuts.

Weekend plans:
Saturday - Ride in the AM and then help a friend bike shop in the PM
Sunday - Might be a bandit runner in the Bay to Breakers or just get out and see the craziness. 70,000 "runners"...a bit over 7 miles...costumes or birthday suits and lots of beer.

Some "Obscure Traditions" according to the Bay to Breakers Wiki:

* Before the start of the race, the assembled runners participate in an unofficial "tortilla toss," in which thousands of tortillas are thrown like frisbees through the dense crowd.
* The "spawning salmon run," a San Francisco Cacophony Society tradition, pits a team dressed as salmon running counter the rest of the race. Starting at the top of Hayes Hill the salmon struggle upstream towards the starting line through the crush of runners.

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