Monday, March 19, 2007

UW Parkside Crit #2

First race on the new bike with the new team...we killed it. I was extremely pleased with the way everyone on my team raced yesterday. We were on the attack most of the race. Not much of a race report from me except that we tried and tried to make something work, but the headwind at the high end of the course was a leg killer.

In the end, the race came down to a sprint finish. Lee had an awesome race and pulled off a 4th place finish. Chip, myself and Steve pulled in 11, 12, 13th respectively to round out 4 Get a Grip racers in the top 15.

Here are a few pics from the race(sent over by former Higher Gear teammate - Thanks Ken)

Wisconsin Rider, Me and a Cliffy trying to get something going

Steve on the attack with support on the front of the field

Steve on the attack again!

Uwe making a solo attempt look like fun.

Overall, we had an awesome race. On the downside Tenney took a nasty spill and got pretty banged up, both body and bike. While laying in the gutter, he got a first hand view of 2 riders riding over his frame. Moment of silence for his System Six...only a few days old. (check Jon's blog soon...I'll let him tell it all)

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