Monday, April 2, 2007

UW Parkside #3

Just a quick race report from the 3rd UW Parkside Crit (well after the actual race).

Anyway - It was the perfect racing weather and not the normal Parkside racing weather. It was all sun and reached nearly 80 degrees! First time on the bike in just shorts and jersey and it felt amazing...if you've done winters in Chicago you know that feeling.

So the plan was to make sure that our teammate, Lee, stayed near the front or off the front in a winning move. These Parkside races present an overall podium for the series and going into this race Lee was sitting pretty in 3rd. This report is well overdue, so forgive my memory and lack of detail. Basically, our team presented an amazing team effort to chase down anything threatening and keep Lee from any unneeded work at the front. At one point I was chasing down a breakaway and looked back for a bit of help only to find Lee grinning back at me and had to push on. The race was fast, faster than the second of the series. During the final few laps our teammate Chip got off on a breakaway with a couple guys, while me and my other teammates controlled the front with Lee sitting on our wheel. There were a few bridging attempts that we had to jump on...unfortunately, these attacks are what killed us from giving Lee a proper lead out when it counted. Chip and the rest he was with were caught on the final lap and then it was just up to Lee. He battled the field on his own to pull off another 4th place finish, which was enough to move him up to 2nd for the series!

Our goal was for Lee to do what he did, so the team deserves a pat on the back for a very well executed race.

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