Sunday, March 4, 2007

The "Watt Off"

The Get a Grip grand opening party was a huge success! There were easily a few hundred people hanging out throughout the night (barely even elbow room for a while). It was a ton of fun and many of my teammates and I got our first look at our new team frames, Custom painted Cannondale System Six's!

The party was great...beer and drinks were flowing, Tulio (shop dog) was stealing cheese and meat cubes and they raffled off some amazing prizes.

So, onto the "watt off" ---- What happens when you get a bunch of cyclists together, feed them lots of drinks and have access to a power meter? Someone comes up with the great idea that we should have a "watt off" to see who can put out the highest wattage (great idea). Kevin tossed a set of flat pedals on the Serotta size cycle and we gave the trainer a bit of resistance. Then 1x1 we all flexed a little muscle and egos soared. My teammate Chipper gained the title at the end of the night, he is now the size cycle watt champion! Congrats!

Quote of the night "It was above the rim!" (yes, there was a Seinfeld moment)

Thanks and congrats to the Get a Grip crew for putting on such an awesome (and eventful) grand opening party!

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