Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tour of California - Killer Weekend!!!

I moved out here just after the Tour of California last year, so this was my first experience and it was amazing!

Friday I went to the Team High Road Presentation...we didn't go for a ride afterwards, but I did get to go to dinner with Steve Hegg (Gold Medalist - track), Nelson "The Cheetah" Vails (Silver Medalist - track) as well as a few people from www.Bicycle.net and the Agency for Cycling Ethics (A.C.E.)...that was really cool.

Saturday, Eric (Team Get A Grip), Tim (Athletes By Design) and I did a big ride with my team...60+ miles and lots of climbing.

Sunday. Eric and I rode from SF to Palo Alto (about 45 miles south) with a couple other guys from out here to watch the Prologue. Then we took the train home.

Monday. We rode to Sausalito to watch the start of Stage 1. I stayed in Sausalito to man our Active Athlete / Squadra Ovest booth in the "Big Tent" and Eric rode out on Highway 1 to one of the climbs and took some pictures. Then after the events in Sausalito were over, we went for a 45 mile hammer-fest with my teammate Aaron and John from Northwave (he had the booth next to ours).

Today. Eric and I rented a car and drove up to a friend's place in Napa. Chris took us on a ride (2,000+ feet in just less than 17 miles) up to the top of one of the climbs and watched the riders come through. Then we rode back to his house, cleaned up and ate. Then cruised back to SF.

It was pretty amazing to see some of these riders up close. I've only seen them on TV during the Tour de France before, besides a few at Interbike this year.

Here are some of my pictures/videos: http://picasaweb.google.com/adigiovine/TourOfCalifornia?authkey=myGWHAKoL1E

Here are some that a teammate took (he's a much better photographer than me): clauss.smugmug.com/gallery/...256181545

The pictures in the previous post were taken with my cell phone, so the quality is poor - sorry

- Ciao

Here's the Garmin Data:




(I had the Garmin off on the way home, but drew the route back in blue)

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