Thursday, February 7, 2008

1st up...Cherry Pie Criterium

Well, the season's first race is just around the corner for me. I'm heading up to Napa this Sunday morning for the Cherry Pie Criterium. Podium placings get the added bonus of a cherry pie, which is motivation and a half (if you know me, you know my sweet tooth). My cat 3 race has reached the limit of 99 riders...big first race!

The Pro/1/2 race includes some big name teams that are out here warming up for the Tour of California - Slipstream, BMC, Rock Racing and Eric W. from Chicago's Get A Grip Cycles...yes, Eric is coming out to test himself with some big names out there!

I've had a great winter and have barely spent time off of the bike and I'm definitely not feeling burned out. I'm actually feeling very strong :-) The hours I put in over the winter were quality base miles with a few spurts of high intensity tossed in to break up the monotony. My more recent rides have been the fun ones where my team goes out and just beats up on one another...dropping one by one.

I'm pretty stoked about this year...new bike (which is proving to be an amazing ride so far...very stiff, responsive and light - it's a rocket). My team is also very strong this year, so it should be great.

The pics in the last few posts were taken on my Headlands Loop Ride tonight. They do not look even a 1/4 as nice as it was. I rarely stop on that descent down the back-side of the Headlands Loop, but tonight's sunset was amazing.

I'll post again after the race this Sunday...hopefully it will have something to do with one of these:

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Seth said...

Awesome, man. Go kill it on Sunday! Make sure Eric doesn't do anything silly either like crash out Freddy. Looking forward to racing out there with you in April! Thanks for the words on Rookie's site too!