Thursday, November 8, 2007

Go Karting

Tonight we raced and we raced hard.

Active Athlete
is having our national sales meeting this week and we've been holding some amazing meetings all week...tonight, we got out and played. We went Go Karting. Now, I've been on GoKarts many times before (actually had one growing up), but these karts can reach speeds up to 40mph!!

Notice in the picture below that we are wearing race suits...what you don't see, is that we had full face helmets, neck-braces and 4-point safety belts. I definitely tested out the safety features when meeting a pole head on at full speed...Todd and I were side by side drifting down a fast left curve (me on the outside) and neither of us wanted to back down. After about 20 feet of me hitting the safety wall (that really just moved over for me) I went nose first into one of the building's structural columns. This knocked me from 3rd to last as the officials tracked down my helmet's visor, which went sailing upon impact and then straightened my kart out.

Also, the whole team came to the conclusion that I successfully rear-ended, t-boned and/or spun out every single other driver on the course. But hey, rubbin's racin', right...I am a crit racer and love sprint finishes. My aggressive style landed me 1st and 5th in the two races...I owe 5th to the pole.

Me, Dennis and Gerry (I beat them)

The Kart

More pictures to follow.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

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