Thursday, November 1, 2007

Active Athlete Media Sponsors Squadra Ovest Cycling Team for 2008

I mentioned this in an earlier post...here's the official release:

Active Athlete Media, an online media company that connects advertisers with consumers engaged in lifestyle sports, announced today an agreement to sponsor the Squadra Ovest Cycling Team, an elite group of Northern California racers dedicated to the sport and community. As title sponsor for the 2008 season, Active Athlete will provide financial support while enhancing the positive momentum and reputation Squadra Ovest has built through the years. The team will be named Active Athlete Squadra Ovest.

“We are extremely excited about the sponsorship and upcoming cycling season,” said Robert Tas, CEO of Active Athlete Media. “As a company focused on lifestyle sports, it makes perfect sense to engage in a partnership that promotes the sport of cycling and gives back to the community. We are very proud to be associated with such a dedicated group of individuals that share our passion and values.”

The sponsorship is a great opportunity for Active Athlete to connect with a highly targeted audience, including advertisers, publishers and the cyclists themselves. In addition to brand promotion on Squadra Ovest’s jerseys, bicycles and racing tent, the sponsorship will provide Active Athlete with valuable online (e.g. website) and offline marketing activities. Active Athlete clients also will have the opportunity to participate in Squadra Ovest’s kick-off event, training camp, team parties and even a team ride.

The purpose of Squadra Ovest, founded in 2003, is to drive the growth of cycling as a sport and provide opportunities for developing riders to achieve their goals—all while raising money for American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA), a non-profit organization that exists to eliminate brain tumors through research and to meet the needs of brain tumor patients and their families.

Squadra Ovest has accumulated more than 75 podium appearances across Northern California’s highly popular and competitive cycling scene since its inception in 2007. The team has posted strong results in major competitions such as the Merco Credit Classic, San Dimas Stage Race, Tri-Flow Menlo Park GP, Cat’s Hill Classic, Mount Hamilton Classic and Carrera de San Rafael. In every race, Squadra Ovest competes in the Best All-Around Team (BAT) classification.

“We are thrilled to have Active Athlete’s support as we approach the 2008 season,” said Dan Tedford, president of Squadra Ovest. “Our riders work extremely hard to succeed both on and off the bike. With Active Athlete, we have a partner dedicated to making it a fun, successful year on the Northern California cycling circuit.”

For more information visit www.activeathlete.com and www.squadraovest.com.

About Active Athlete

Active Athlete’s focus is active consumers who participate in sports, and the advertisers desiring to reach this demographic. Active Athlete’s growing audience can be attributed to the intersection of three large and growing markets: the growth of sports marketing online, the growth of fitness and recreational sports, and the boom of online advertising. Active Athlete’s 170+ sites consist of some of the Web’s most relevant lifestyle sports destinations – from endurance to action sports to country club and outdoor. The company provides an opportunity for brands and advertisers to reach active people at their passion point online.

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