Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Recap

Had a great ride on Saturday with the team. We had about 15 and rolled up to Nicasio, then around the reservoir and back on Sir Frances Drake. The weather was great and the pace was perfect...talking pace, with a few moments of high-intensity thrown in for fun.

Basically got home, showered and then headed up to our rooftop with some friends to watch the end of the air show and hang out in the sun. Here are some pictures of the Blue Angels:

Formation over the Bay Bridge

Solo flyer over the bay with St. Peter & Paul in the foreground

All in formation (looks like one long jet)

In formation over Coit Tower

Hanging a hard left in formation

Over the neighboring Russian Hill

My friends, Anthony and Vince, had a cyclocross race on Sunday down in Brisbane. Phil and I headed down to watch and to work the feed zone for them. We took the train down and then rode to the race, which was a short ride from the train station. Anthony and Vindog both had great races. Anthony found his way to the 2nd step on the podium and the Vin took 11th (thanks to some stellar feed zone work, of course). We just missed the train on the way back and ended up just riding home about 10-15 miles.....in flip flops.

We had the day off for Columbus Day, so I actually got to sleep in for once! It was much needed after last night's party. I messed around the apartment, shined up the bike and then headed out for a nice easy solo spin. The weather was amazing, so that spin ended up much longer than I anticipated and it was a blast. I'm very excited for fall riding...nice, easy and enjoyable riding.

Complete bummer...Andy Jaques-Maynes re-broke his collar bone just about an hour after winning the Elite Men's Race. (He's recently returned from about 5 months of recovery)

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