Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eric was in town...

Eric came in town for a weekend of riding, so instead of doing the "fall" thing (easy spin, conversational pace) we went hard and had a great time climbing some of Marin County's best.

Saturday we went up Marion to the 4 Corners, down through Muir Woods, up Highway 1 to the ever-fun Bo-Fax climb, across the 7 sisters and then back home and then off to Oktoberfest in Ft. Mason for some "recovery."

On Sunday we rolled up Marion again, but this time headed straight up to East Peak, descended down Panoramic (Eric avoided the guardrail this time), south on Highway 1 (amazing stretch of road) and then up through Muir Woods, then back home.

Eric flew back to Chicago yesterday afternoon. Last night, I headed out to find a coffee shop to get some work done. I was feeling lazy and didn't want to walk up and over Nob Hill (after a quick stop at home) to my usual coffee shop, so I went downhill in search of another cafe (mistake)...after almost a 4.5 mile walk (UP and down some big city hills) I ended up at the usual cafe! I guess the walk was good for me because my legs were trashed from the riding and today they feel great...I think I walked them into a recovered state. It was also a beautiful fall night here in SF, so the walk was nice.

Had I gone straight to the final destination from home, my walk would have been basically from near point #1 to the end of that line.


Seth said...

Dude, that's pretty weird. Walking can be nice, but it really is rarely a good way to recover, seeing as it's basically slow running—different muscle groups and more pressure on your joints. Hell, because of walking, Lance and Tyler had an elevator installed in the two-story flat they were in in Girona way back when! So this whole 4.5-mile walk doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe you're just getting so fast and awesome that your recovery time is also improving, so much that you can go kick Eric's ass all over California, walk 4.5 miles, and be just fine the next day. How sweet is that?

ADIG said...

I guess I'm just disgustingly strong, eh? Too bad there's no racing out here till January. Can you believe that - "early bird" racing starts in January!