Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The 'rents" and Night Riding

So I haven't posted in a while, so I will start by saying sorry to my millions of loyal readers. :-)

My parents flew in town last Thursday and then on Sunday they rented a car and are driving up the coast to visit my sister and brother-in-law up in Seattle. They've had an amazing drive so far...I can't wait to see their pictures. We had a blast while they were here...ate lots of great food, enjoyed the weather and did a lot of walking. It was great having them around for the weekend.

I've been getting in some great evening/night riding lately after work. The weather in SF has been amazing lately. It's pretty wild for me to do these late rides because it wasn't really possible back in Chicago (at least in a safe way). Chicago late night rides were in a way limited to the Lake Front Path, but it was never safe to do a late road ride due to some wild traffic and rough roads. Night riding her in the Bay Area is top-notch. We've just been heading up to Corta Madera and back. Most of this ride is either on smooth roads with bike lanes or the path up in Sausalito. They way back home is the best part of the ride. We've seen many deer, coyote and skunks on a regular basis (almost hit the skunk, which would have really, ummm..."stunk"). My buddy Anthony's been blogging some videos and pictures, but they are a bit dark and don't really give justice to the amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge or the City views at all. View some of them here and here. You'll also get a good view of the very fun light I picked up at Interbike this year...it mounts on my tube's valve stem - Perfect item for a twilight crit!!!

My team, Active Athlete/Squadra Ovest, is deep in 2008 planning and I'm getting very excited about the direction we are heading. We've recruited some great talent across all categories and have some very sweet sponsorships lining up for bikes, wheels, nutrition, etc... It's going to be a killer year.

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