Friday, April 6, 2007

An Epic Good Friday

Lots to post about, so I'm forewarning you that this post might go all over....

Because today is Good Friday, our office closed at noon. I have nothing going on (still no bike yet...soon) so I did a quick transit search, loaded up my pocket with the Gummy candies I picked up from a China Town store on my walk home from work and then jumped on a bus out to Ocean Beach in hopes of watching some surfers do their thing.

Here's a picture up the beach...today was about 55 and foggy...

To my surprise, there were a number of Kite boarder's out there today, which (sorry any surfers reading) I think this is a much cooler sport. This is the second place I've seen kite boarders...once in the bay near the Golden Gate Bridge and here at Ocean Beach. Check out this video I took and watch this guy catch some big air. This is something I definitely want to learn out here.

After watching these guys for a while (there were also some sea kayaks playing in the waves) I headed across the street for a small hike thru the Golden Gate National Park. Tossed on the headphones and The Thievery Corporation pumped thru the ear buds as I made my way thru the woods. This is also the time when I started popping in the gummy candies. The Muscat Gummy's are the best; the flavor reminds me of the grapes my sisters, cousins and I used to pull off my Grandparent's vines. The trails were pretty cool and I did see a few mt. bikers roll thru, so now I know where to go for a quick, close to home mt. bike ride!

I came to a clearing in the middle of the park and got up close to a Great Blue Heron...I even got to watch him hunt...not sure what he was eating out of the grass, but he would use his pointed beak and long, snake-like neck to dart at the ground and get his tasty snack...If I had to guess what he was eating, I would have to say wild gummies?

For the sake of not boring you to death, I will just list the other things I saw...
sea shells
big trees with no bark?
crows or crow-like birds?
golf course
disc golf course
guy shotgunning a beer on the disc golf course

Oh - Then I took a slightly different bus back and it dropped me off in the Tenderloin around dusk (not so sure I want to end up there again).

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Lee said...

Good stuff Angelo. That mtb track looks sweet!