Monday, June 8, 2009

Gestalt - Racks and Sausages Are Back!

Something strange happened to Gestalt a while back...they took out the bike racks and no longer sold sausages. I never went to see it in this biker-less state, but I hear they even took away any evidence that this was a cyclist/hipster hangout...removed bike stickers, posters...anything bike related. It was very odd and sad, as it was a great hangout for me and my buddies to bike to, have some German brews, knackwurst and German potato salad.

Well...rumor has it that the racks and sausages are back. I'll be there tonight.

In other news, this blog's been a bit slow lately. I've been focusing a bit more on our team blog and twitter. Check us out, add us to your readers and/or RSS feeds and follow us.

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