Thursday, May 28, 2009

My New Love: The Valley Ride

If you are a long-time reader of this blog, a friend of mine on Facebook or you follow my Twitter account (@bobodig), you will know that I used to constantly rave about the Port of Oakland Ride (AKA: The POO Ride).

Well..........I have a new ride to rave about: The Valley Ride. I realized that I loved the POO Ride because it really played right into my strengths (flat crit racing). The Valley Ride is much more like a short road race. The ride meets up Wednesday evenings at Peet's Coffee in Los Altos around 6pm. It's pretty chill until we hit Arastradero Road. The ride consists of 3 sprints and one climb (sprint, climb, sprint, sprint). After the ride races up the Huddart climb, everyone waits up at the bottom of the hill for the group to reassemble...so if you are not a great climber, you won't be left out for dead. Also, some riders avoid the climb and ride straight to this meet up spot.

Great times and some great talent out at the Valley Ride. I highly recommend it. Go.

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