Sunday, April 19, 2009

Knowledge is Power

"Knowledge is Power", literally.

I feel like I've made some large gains in my riding lately just by figuring out my Powertap and the numbers associated. Figuring out my power threshold has given me much more confidence and a smarter way to ride.

I used to hit the hills with my teammates and suffer with them for a bit and then just completely fall off the pace, get into my easiest gear and they would wait for me at the top of the climb. I'm still not a 'super-powerjunkie-know-it-all'...yet, but I now know that I can push it harder and survive. So this means that before, when I would use my 25 to go up, I should have been in a slightly smaller cog so that I push a wattage at or slightly above my threshold. I'm not sure if that would get me up to the top with some of our climbers, but it will definitely help keep me closer.

I did a great ride yesterday with a few of my teammates (Jan, Geoff and Dan). We met down at Dan's house in Mountain View and headed out to do some climbing. I forget the names of everything we did...Highway 9, Skyline, West Old La Honda... I felt great and was able to hold my wattage up the climbs, which probably made me look 200% better than I looked climbing a week ago! We set out to climb, but ended up with a pretty sweet mix of climbing, rollers and, except for the cars that slowed us down, some sick descents!

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