Thursday, April 16, 2009

Expensive Tools Need To Be Used

I bought a Powertap SL 2.4 last fall in hopes of training smarter. Yes, I got a great deal on it via the Interbike attendee discount, but it was still a big chunk of dough. I don't regret buying it, but I do wish I would have bought the Carbone version instead of the Open Pro, but whatever...it's still an awesome tool (so I've heard and am learning now)...

So here's the deal. I bought it and I use it on almost 100% of my training rides (outdoor and indoor), but I don't really pay attention to the wattage while I ride. I just download it and view it post ride. Therefore, instead of using it as a powerful training tool, I've been using it as an expensive toy/novelty item.

I'm also struggling a bit with my upgrade to Category 2 racing...I'm fine and competitive in a flat/flatish criterium, but when the road points upward you can count me out with a DNF.

I recently did an indoor training session at Endurance PTC. They do eCycling classes...to paint a picture, imagine a spin class based on power resistance...everyone uses their own bike on a computrainer and the leader of the class tells you what power zone you should be in for each section/interval throughout the class. Since I don't really know my power zones (goes back to using my meter as a toy) Endurance PTC printed out what we figured would be similar to my zones and we went from there. The 90-minute class really wiped me out. The final two sets of intervals were nearly impossible for me to complete. It was an awesome eye-opener (along with my recent DNF's) - I NEED TO TRAIN BETTER AND INCORPORATE HARD POWER INTERVALS.

So, I've reassessed and refocused my training. I finally did the 20 minute threshold test you typically do when you first get your power meter and now I have my zones...which seem low to me, but I'll retest in a few weeks and see. I'm finally reading the book I bought when I purchased the Powertap ("Training and Racing with a Power Meter" by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan).

I'm also working on my coaching skills and certifications, so that I can start coaching some lower category riders, as well as improve my own training.

Pretty exciting times for me right now...the way I see it, I can only improve!


Lara said...

what are your avg watts then is say - zone 3?

ADIG said...

enough to power a small community.