Monday, July 14, 2008

Lafayette Criterium

Teammates: Dino, Aaron, Carmi
Place: 3rd

Aaron was our first guy in a break...that stayed out for a bit and then it might have been Carmi in the 2nd break...caught. Dino went for a prime with a big attack up the left side of the main straight, he got it and essentially initiated the biggest break of the day. Dino and about 6 others? stayed out for about 15 minutes. Once that was caught Carmi went solo for about 3 laps (his attack was big...he instantly had a 20 second gap - it was impressive) I spent most of the day riding 2nd wheel while a teammate was off in a breakaway.

We were all back together with 5 to go...3 to go and I moved up to sit in the top 10 on Aaron's wheel. Our sprint plan was for Aaron to lead me out to around 200 meters and then me to take over from there. It worked. With about 2 to go, we were in perfect position. 1 to go and Aaron was about 3rd or 4th wheel coming into/out of the final turn. He rocked the sprint and when we hit the 200 I jumped around him and snatched up a spot or two just barely squeaking in for 3rd place.

It was a good day for Active Athlete / Squadra Ovest. Lloyd pulled off a 4th place finish in the Category 4 race at Lafayette. Up in Petaluma, CA, Phil took 5th and Murat 7th in the Elite 3 Spring Hill Road Race.

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