Sunday, July 6, 2008

Burlingame Criterium

Teammates: Dino, Gabe, Murat, Me
Place: 6th
40 minute race? maybe 45?

The run-down:

Typical Cat 3 race start...few guys attack and back, attack and back. I was able to get out in a break of 3 just before they put up the 10 to go cards. One of the guys was strong and the other was skipping his turns. My mates controlled the front of the pack. A couple guys bridged up...it was funny...all of a sudden there were guys behind me yelling at each other "pull through"...."I just got here..." Good stuff...

Back in the pack with 5 to go...wasted effort, but at least the sponsors got some TV time...riiiight...

3 to go and Russell White did his signature move (attack with 3 to go). A couple guys went with and they had a decent gap. I was near the front...Dino busted around and pulled them back within the final lap. I should have grabbed Dino's wheel because he chased his ass off for most of the final lap (I would have been in great position behind him going into the final "turns")...instead I settled in about 5th. Once Dino slowed up, so did everyone...putting me deeper in the mix. I think I came out of the final curve at about 7th/8th and was able to get up to 6th.

me - 6th
Gabe - 13th
Dino - 14th
Murat - 55th

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