Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Specialized/Sierra Nevada Criterium - 6/14

Race: Specialized/Sierra Nevada Criterium
Location: Folsom, CA
Category: 3
Teammates: Dino, Gabe, Murat & Aaron
Place: 8th

This is going to be somewhat of a short recap...basically what I wrote up for our team's internal recap.

Murat was an attacking beast and grabbed 1 prime, then came in just shy of a few others. I wanted to feel out how the sprint would go so I went for one of the primes...I was in perfect position for it - sitting 3rd wheel behind two teammates doing a leadout. As soon as the leadout man pulled off and the main guy started his sprint, I started mine as well and was able to come around him and take it. This was a great sign and showed me that 3rd wheel would be a great place for the final lap. Several breakaway attempts and chase downs and/or bridge attempts by our guys. I sat in most of the rest of the race and helped mix up the chase when we had guys off the front.

The pace was hot on the last 2-3 laps...I struggled to hard to keep top 3 position...kept on finding myself in front, soft pedal a bit and then hop on the next guy to come up....it was quite an energy drainer, but I really wanted to hold that position. Finaly Russell White (Kovarus) started to lead out his bro. I sat next to his brother out in the wind and then got a bit out of line when Russell pulled off, which allowed me to get slightly swarmed in the final turn. I broke through the clutter a bit late and got 8th.

Everyone on my team did great chasing down and going with any break attempts. Before the race, they announced that they would award a rider with a "Most-Aggressive" prize. We all thought that Murat was robbed when not awarded the prize.

Dino, Aaron and I packed up the cars and set off for the Nevada City Classic...

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