Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nevada City Classic - 6/15

Race: Nevada City Classic
Location: Nevada City, CA
Category 3
Teammates: Dino, Aaron
Place: 19th (Aaron got 7th!)

This recap is even shorter.

90+ degrees, hill and elevation (~2,500 ft.).

Dino (his family), Aaron and I drove up to Nevada City after our race in Folsom. Good times - we hung out by the hotel pool for a while and rehashed the earlier race and talked about tomorrow's race. Aaron and I did this race last year on different teams and both DNF'd...I just got pooped, Aaron unfortunately went down in the screaming fast turn at the base of the downhill. Dino and I made a quick trip to town to grab some beers and snacks...while there I took him on a drive of the course...we both got pretty nervous (we're both sprinters, not climbers!)

After hanging at the pool for a bit, my Uncle came and picked me up and we went to their house. We had a nice relaxing time at their house, along with a great dinner and great company. I got a great night's sleep in preparation for the big day ahead.

This year's plan...just hang in as long as any of us could. Aaron was our best bet...he's the climber. We all finished...Dino and I one lap down (both got lapped close to the finish) and Aaron rocked it with the main group and pulled off 7th place! This was HUGE, I can seriously say that this is one of the toughest freaking races around. I wanted to raise my arms for my personal victory of finishing when I crossed the line, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to be a tool. Dino ended up 24th. All three of us were very happy with our race.

Big thanks again to my Nor-Cal Pit Crew and cheering section! My Aunt & Uncle and their family and friends, as well as Dino's wife, kids and father-in-law, Penny and anyone I missed that was there pushing me up the climb with the cheers.

This year I had a working Garmin (last year it was all funky and didn't work for the race)...here's the over-head shot and the elevation chart:

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Seth said...

Re: Posting up for finishing — I've felt exactly the same urge at a bunch of crits. Good to know I'm not alone!