Thursday, December 27, 2007

Beer & Taco Ride

It's raining.

Tonight after getting some work done at my local cafe (Cup-o-Joe) I walked home to grab the bike and head out to meet a few teammates at a bar in the Mission District. Gestalt is a great biker bar - as you walk into the bar there is a pool table to your left and a massive double-decker bike rack for your rig. It's usually packed with the hippest of all hipster bikes, but tonight's rain slowed it down a bit...still about 1/2 full. Here are a couple pics I found on Yelp:
I learned that my rain jacket I bought when I worked at the golf course in 1994-ish is not so much waterproof (or even resistant) anymore. Time to retire it. We had a good time; Anthony, Mark, Jeff and I had a few beers and then Anthony and I rode over to Pancho Villa for a quick bite before riding back home in the rain.

Seth - I mapped this new loop for you, because you wanted new loops!...Gestalt and Pancho Villa are on the Southern part of the route.Rainy again tomorrow, so I think I will head over to our new bike shop sponsor (A Bicycle Odyssey in Sausalito) and get fit for the new team ride (Ridley!) and then finalize a few final details with our other bike related sponsors.
I also need to give the System6 some love - our ride last Saturday ended with a stop sign, flashing lights and a dash through a spongy-wet grassy knoll to a crushed limestone/sandy path. Not sure if he was lit up for us or not, but if so...go bust someone doing something bad. The black and green "Kawasaki" really looks like a dirt bike right now.

Yes, that is a can of NOS...I normally run an IV from there to my veins while training.


Anthony Coando said...

It took a while for my feet to warm up and I slept with my North Face booties - it's going to be a cold winter. Actually, I just woke up and it's 39 degrees outside :( Can't wait for the commute to work

ADIG said...

You Nor-Cal Natives are weak. I used to commute to work on an icy path, in 10 degree weather with a 25mph headwind (both ways)...

OK, fine - I took the L on days like that and then I'd hit up Pequod's on the way home.