Thursday, December 4, 2008

Road to Recovery

This morning, as I was breezing through my Google Reader I ran across some excellent news.

First, the background (this is def not the good news):
My old teammate Steve was hit by a cab on November 20th while out on his bike. He suffered a really bad hit to the head and had to undergo brain surgery that following day. I don't have many more details of the accident, but Steve has been in a heavily sedated state (induced coma) until just recently. Here's a post on ChicagoBikeRacing.com for a bit more info: Steven Vandeven Seriously Injured

OK....so here's the good news - Steve is up and in good spirits. I was so happy to see this picture of Steve laughing and playing a board game (I just stole it from Seth - Thanks Seth).

Seth paid Steve a visit and here's his post: Steve's Getting Better

Steve is an extremely strong guy and I'm sure he'll be back out in the P/1/2 field this summer killing everyone the way he always does. (He enjoys inflicting pain on the field)


Seth said...

Hey man, got a nice pic of Steve riding the exercise bike at the rehabilitation institute yesterday. He's even more on the mend now!

Meanwhile, I'm looking at the race and school calendars for next year and thinking Green Mountain Shmeen Mountain how about that San Francisco crit? Could be a good weekend to tie in some bike racing and UC-Berkeley visiting? Hmmm. That sounds like an idea!

And you better be on good form then, yes? Want a guest teammate for a weekend?

ADIG said...

Seth - That's great to hear about Steve.

You should definitely come out for the SF Crit (NRC this year!) It would be a great time having you out here for it...I could use a good lead out! haha

Anthony Coando said...

Glad to see a fellow cyclist on the mend - best wishes Steve :)