Saturday, November 15, 2008

So much for "Staying in Zone 1 Today"

We've had some amazing weather lately...today was about 75+ and clear. As we rolled out over the Golden Gate Bridge this morning, you could see the Farallon Islands in the distance.

Dino, Jan, Phil, Geoff and myself met up at 8am...the same time as the Roasterie Ride...therefore we got mixed in with this group. As we approached the point of the route where the Roasterie Ride gets moving, we all agreed that we were going to lay low and let them do their thing, while we stay in zone 1. That didn't last too long...Jan waved me up and said "Let's play for a while"........from that point on it was race pace. We kept it up until we got to Pt. Reyes Station and then we pulled off to wait for a couple other teammates that actually stuck closer to zone 1.

I felt great...we totaled out at 5 hours in the saddle and then hit up Pancho's on the way home.

Tonight, I'm heading out to the Brisbane Cross Race...It's going to be under the lights. I have a few teammates racing in the B's and A's, so it should be a good time. I'll be packing a flask.

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