Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ADIG - from 5 to 2...

Remember this? New Year's Resolution

Really, that was more of a goal than a resolution, but I'm never good with the whole resolution thing.

Either way: Resolution/Goal = ACHIEVED!

Yes, it's official. I put in my upgrade request yesterday and got the approval email this morning. Should be an interesting 2009 for me.

I'm pretty stoked. I started racing for fun and to keep me in check...this was Junior year of college (keeping me in check translates to keeping me from drinking every night).

College/Cat 5 Highlights:

It was fun. My teammates and I would stay in on a Friday night so that we could wake up early, drive to another college, race, drive home and then party. I don't remember many of the highlights...I got 9th in my first crit ever!

Cat 4 Highlights:
I kept it up after college, but not until I moved from the suburbs of Chicago to the city did I start getting fast. I began snatching up primes and started to feel the thrill of winning. Then I shifted my focus off of primes and onto the final lap. I won the Monster's of the Midway Criterium on Mother's Day...in front of my Mom (I gave her the point after the finish line). My final two Cat 4 races were State Championship Wins (USCF & ABR Criterium State Champs).

Cat 3 Highlights:
I helped create a new team: Team Get A Grip Cycles. We were basically a group of cat 3's from ABD Cycling that lived in the city and wanted to start our own thing. We had a ton of fun. We were one of the most dominant midwest teams. We controlled races from start to finish. I made some great friends there and whenever I go back home they greet me as if I were still on the team.

Then I moved out west. I definitely had an adjustment period last year. I did the first half of the year solo...still racing for Get a Grip.
- I came home for the Winfield Criterium and got 2nd place...with a lot of family in attendance! It was sweet.
- I joined Squadra Ovest...and then helped turn it into Active Athlete / Squadra Ovest. My employer is our sponsor.
- 1st Place: Santa Rosa Crit
- 2nd Place: Davis 4th of July Crit
- 2nd Place: Metromint Giro di San Francisco
- 3rd Place: Lafayette Criterium
- Team Accomplishments: We have a BAR and BAT competition out here (Bay Area Rider/Team). Currently, in BAT, our Cat 4's are 5th, Cat 3's are 4th and our 2's are 15th. One of our Cat 4's, Antonio Ricalde, is sitting 1st place in BAR! (I am 8th)

CAT 2!
Well...not much to say here yet. But I'm very excited for next year (I get to sleep in more before my races!) ha. Seriously though, this is what I've been working for over the past few years.


Seth said...

BONG! That is RAD! Next step: Outsprint Freddy! Or Dan Holloway!

All in the Family said...

That's really inspiring! Keep on going Bro!!!!!

ADIG said...

Thanks guys - Freddy who? Danny who? haha...