Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Race Recaps

I cleaned my bike Friday night in preparation for races on Saturday and Monday. My bike only looked good for the first 100 yards of my race on Saturday because of the wet roads (luckily the rain ended before our race). Dino and I rode a great race - chased down what needed to be chased and otherwise stayed safe and fresh for the finish. Here's what sucks, they did not have a finish line camera so they only placed the top 6 riders. My teammate, Jan, watched our race and snapped a photo of the finish - looks like I got 7th or 8th and Dino was about 18th.

I cleaned my bike again on saturday night...this time peeling off the yellow Carbone stickers (and the bike looks super-tough now...see pic).

Monday's race was similar (sans wet roads), uneventful and down to a sprint finish. I was in great position, but moved from one leadout train (left-side of the road) to another train (right-side of the road). This killed my race because the right train had to take the inside route of the final turn and the left train was able to maintain their speed. They passed us and I sprinted for 12th place. Alll-in-all, two great races.

We finished off the weekend with a BBQ at a teammates house in Mt. View.

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