Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sea Otter Circuit Race Recap - sucked.

Warning: This post is just a bunch of excuses for my DNF at the Sea Otter Circuit Race...here we go.

Excuse #1: Ad Tech Parties.
Ad Tech was this week and instead of getting in my weeknight rides and sleep, I went to just about every party out there and that lack of sleep coupled with some very busy work days really wore me out.

Excuse #2: Race Prep (partly mental).
While having dinner at Applebee's (not ideal night before the race food) one of my party (either my teammate Carmi or co-worker Jeff) mentioned that the race was 90 minutes. Ummm...I was under the impression that it was your typical Cat 3 circuit race and would be about 50 minutes. I had brought barely any food for the morning and during the race...plus 90 minutes got into my head and messed with me. I shouldn't bag on Applebees as race prep food - Rock Racing was at the table next to us and I think they did just fine.

Excuse #3: Energy Drink.
I picked up a Rockstar Energy Drink the night before the race...this was for the drive from our hotel in Salinas to Laguna Seca Speedway. I forgot about it and ended up drinking it about 20 minutes before the race...MISTAKE. All I wanted to do during the race was puke. I was constantly (carefully) burping and trying not to burp up my breakfast. This was inhibiting my breathing and up the climb about 50+ minutes into the 90 minute race, I was wheezing so hard at the top of the climb that I lost touch with the group and gave up. That sucked.

Here's the Garmin Edge data from the piece of the race that I did. My teammate Carmi held on strong and finished 24th.

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