Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cupertino Bike Shop Ride and Highway 9 - Congrats in order...

Today I went down to Cupertino with my friend Anthony for the Cupertino Bike Shop Ride. It was a pretty sweet ride. The shop ride was about 15 people and hit the first 33 miles of this profile. It was a really great ride. The climbs were not extremely high, but they were all pretty steep...a bit more steep than my normal routes in Marin. I had fun in the flats though! After some espresso back at the shop, Anthony, Claudia and I got back out to do a nice slow climb up Highway 9. This was an amazing climb, the views were fantastic...on the edge of a valley and very dense forest all the way up. At the summit, we turned around and enjoyed one of the fastest descents that I've hit out here so far (very little need for breaking).

The ride was followed up with lunch at a local Greek joint, hanging out at the shop and a short nap on the shop couch. A quick stop at Jamba Juice, followed immediately with more espresso and we were on our way back to the city, with some old school Eazy E helping us along the way.

If you are ever near Cupertino, CA...I highly suggest a trip into the Cupertino Bike Shop. Vance and the rest of the crew are super-friendly and the bikes they have on the floor are amazing. Added bonus is that they carry Freddy's Choice Embrocation Oils (AKA: "BKDubb's")

Back in Chicago, James "Cipo" Holton (Team Get A Grip Cycles) has pulled back-to-back 3rd place finishes in two of the biggest local races around, Elk Grove and Downers Grove. Congrats!

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