Saturday, July 28, 2007

My new girlfriend

Her name is Tam.

She makes my heart race when I'm near her. She makes me hot even when the weather is cold.

Cheesy, yeah, but I had a slightly euphoric ride up to East Peak today and during the climb it occurred to me that I love Mt. Tam.

This morning I set out in 50 degree, foggy conditions and climbed up thru dense fog (falling off of trees, like rain) to 80 degree, sunny conditions...I couldn't even see SF from the top of Mt. Tam because the fog was so thick. Descending was great, as always. Then stopped at Crissy Field to watch a bit of the Big Air Wind Jam. Gotta love that.

I think I picked up a cold on the flight home from two less than stellar Superweek races. :-(

I've also had WAY too much caffeine today.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tomorrow: Gilroy Garlic Festival

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Lee said...

Your new squeeze is a big girl...